Inscape Education Group

Established in  1981 by Harry Edmonds and Cherry Whitehead, Inscape Education Group is still the oldest privately owned multi-disciplinary creative institution in South Africa. Inscape Education Group is also accredited by the Council of Higher Education (CHE) and registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

  • Bachelor of Design Degree, specialising in: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Idea Generation (NQF: 7)
  • Diploma in Interior Design and Diploma in Graphic Design (NQF 6)
  • Higher Certificate in: Design Techniques, Architectural Technology, Interior Decorating and Fashion Design (NQF 5)

Extending The Learning Landscape: Adapting To A New Student



Design Education Strategy

According to Megan Hughes (2006) the generation that educators of the 21st Century have to deal with is referred to as “Generation Y”. They represent the by-product of the previous generation, i.e. the “baby boomers”, who heralded a “surge of new inventions and improvements” (Hughes, 2006), allowing the next generation benefits of improved technology and a much easier life.

“The Y Generation doesn't like hard work, even when it's for its own benefit, and is very much in love with anything that's 'instant'. “(Hughes.2006)

Design educators often adopt teaching and learning methods of a traditional nature. These practices may no longer be effective in the fast-paced world of tomorrow.

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