Ambala, Anthony Terah


Current Institution: 

Dr Ambala heads the Digital Media Design department in the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture (FADA), University of Johannesburg. His current research interests are in participatory, interactive and immersive media from an Afro-diasporic and global South lens focusing on marginalized, co-opted and ‘othered’ communities, and working within film, digital, gamified and virtual reality spaces.

Positioning Afro-diasporic speculative design episteme in South African higher education institutions



Design Education Strategy

The watershed Decolonial and Fallist movements in South African universities have reawakened and reignited the necessary, urgent, and compelling need to foreground and position Afro-diasporic episteme in South African university curricula and everyday practice. This article posits that centrally positioning Afro-diasporic Speculative Design (ASD) episteme in South African higher education design institutions, without necessarily displacing or subordinating other knowledge lenses, could positively contribute to engaging with some of the concerns raised by the Decolonial and Fallist movements in design pedagogy and praxis. It contends that African, and its diasporic, speculative designs draw on the retrospective but also project into the future.

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