Walter, Cherisé


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Since her undergraduate interior design studies at Nelson Mandela University, Cherisé, has been interested in the cross-pollination of disciplines and how they can influence each other. Her BTech treatise focussed on a Design Centre that brought together skilled professionals and unskilled workmanship to generate an opportunity for knowledge and skill-sharing. As a Master student, she continues this exploration from a 4IR perspective at the University of Johannesburg.

Her research is currently focused on understanding how the fusion of physical, digital and biological spheres drive a multi-discipline approach for the interior design discipline. As a case study, she reviews Neri Oxman, whose work aligns with the concept of 4IR and which achieves a successful multi-discipline environment.

Cherisé Walter

The influence of the fourth industrial revolution: A multi-discipline approach for design education



Design Education Strategy

Klaus Schwab defines the word "revolution" to convey the "abrupt" and "radical" change, which brought about the first, second, third and fourth industrial revolutions. Schwab explains that the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) will transform the way humans communicate, socially connect, function day to day and operate their jobs. The 4IR is not only about technology; its fundamental difference is due to these technologies combining: as a result, the physical, digital and biological spheres overlap.

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