Greenside Design Center

GDC is an accredited and internationally renowned design institution in Johannesburg, South Africa. GDC specialises in design education, awarding degrees in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Multimedia Design. We graduate leaders in design thinking and design practice, feeding both local and international markets

A successful career in an ever changing world demands that we are innovative and flexible thinkers, that we consistently hone our skills and craft, and that we stand out above the rest.Programmes offered include BA degrees in Graphic Design, Interior Design or Multimedia Design

GDC was the first education institution to become members of the Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media; International Council of Graphic Designers, and International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers. 

Learners as Agents: design as a learning vehicle



Design Education Strategy

This paper proposes design as the guiding pedagogical metaphor for education in the 21st century. Educational reform literature is preoccupied with notions of indeterminacy in relationto learning because of major social changes that have occurred over the last two decades. Globalization, pluriculturalism, informalisation, consumerism, the rise of the network or information/knowledge based society have increasingly become defining markers of these changes.

DEFSA conferences

DEFSA promotes relevant research with the focus on design + education through its biennial conferences, to promote professionalism, accountability and ethics in the education of young designers

Design Educators of South Africa...

With your support & active membership, the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa can positively influence the young designer's formative training and promote all facets of design across Africa