Additive manufacturing in 3D product design and development practice: an interdisciplinary shift



Product & Industrial Design

This paper reflects on aspects that impact on an interdisciplinary shift motivated by technology‐transfer within a University of Technology (UoT). Discussion focuses on the integrated use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) as automated layer by layer 3D printing product design and development technology within a 3D Art and Design studio-practice environment. As emerging technology, AM’s impact has redefined the procedural framework and required knowledge coherence for the development of 3D objects.

The Use of Technical Drawing Methods to Generate 3-D Form



Graphic Design & Visual Art

Generally speaking technical drawing methods e.g. isometric and orthographic views are used for presentation of form and design idea. Systematically used these methods can yield fantastic results serving as a tool in the form and design generation / development process. In various product domains, especially where sheer aesthetic appeal or plurality of form is more important than functionality or utility; development of form family, variations on theme, etc. are the main design activity. This way of working will serve as an effective tool in cases where the design development process is confined mostly to the paperwork only but the product demands or has a scope for 3-Dimensional thinking e.g. industrial jewelry design.

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