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The demise of design programmes within the public FET system in South Africa: a case for non-formal education



Design Education Research

This paper investigates the demise of design and related programmes within the public Further Education and Training (FET) system of South Africa.

Policy documents regulating the provision of these programmes were interrogated and the various changes which have occurred in the FET system, especially in terms of restructuring, will be highlighted. These changes have had adverse implications on design education, evidenced in the introduction of the National Curriculum Vocational (NCV) programmes and the unclear status of the ‘old’ Nated programmes. The paper concludes by advocating for non-­‐formal education as a possible antidote for the poor availability of design and related programmes within the 50 public FET colleges.

Continuing professional development for product designers: barriers and opportunities



Design Education Strategy
Product & Industrial Design

More designers expect and are willing to spend time to continue their education. It is not only because of new job requirements that designers need to upgrade and update their knowledge and experience, but also for self-satisfaction. To meet this educational need, a part-time programme has been offered to product designers with different educational backgrounds and working experiences.

Evaluations of the overall arrangement of the programme and of the teaching and learning of some subjects have been conducted for six years. The evaluations have included questionnaires, classroom observations, and in-depth interviews with students and teachers. This paper briefly reviews the social changes and the need of product designers for continuing education.

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