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Transferring Experiences from a Photography Practice Research PhD Study into a Creative Practice-Teaching Context



Photography, Film & Multimedia

In this paper, I reflect on the transferability of the experience of completing a practice-based, as well as the findings of this PhD into my current teaching context in relation to recent developments and relevant literature. While my own study might have made several contributions to my field, and to my own personal development, I critically examine the scope and scale of my final PhD submission in relation to requirements stipulated by various South African institutions that are currently offering PhDs in visual arts and design, as well as recently awarded practice-based (or practice-led) studies in these fields.

The Postgraduate Supervision Space: From formal meetings to late-night calls



Design Education Strategy

Undergraduate studies in design disciplines focus the design student’s attention on solving problems through designing projects in purpose-built studios or workshops while having regular face-to-face contact with design lecturers. Postgraduate research requires students to shift their focus from a practically orientated physical space to a theoretical-orientated mind space. The design research requires the student to engage with the solitary deep independent thinking supervision space in which contact and reflection occur. This paper will focus on the supervision space, which is described as both space and place in which the supervision interaction between student and supervisor takes place.

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