Management Committee


Kimberly Bediako
University of Johannesburg


Helen Buhrs
Inscape Education Group


Committee members

  • Ascroft, Carl (Greenside Design Centre)
  • Balkanska, Alexandra (Greenside Design Centre)
  • Carstens, Lizette (The IIE Vega)
  • Chetty, Sonali (Durban University of Technology)
  • Cilliers, Ryna (Cape Peninsula University of Technology)
  • de Klerk, Anneke (Vaal University of Technology)
  • Di Ruvo, Monica
  • Econimou, Inge (Inscape Education Group)
  • Fenn, Terence (University of Johannesburg)
  • Geyser, Maretha (IIE Vega)
  • Harrison, Peter (Inscape Education Group)
  • Janse van Rensburg, Mieke (Nelson Mandela University)
  • Jogie, Mohammed (Tshwane University of Technology)
  • Kruger, Runette (Durban University of Technology)
  • McWade, Louise (STADIO School of Fashion)
  • Moremoholo, Tsekelo Patrick (Central University of Technology, Free State)
  • Ndovela, Xolisa (Durban University of Technology)
  • Nel, Lisa (Central University of Technology, Free State)
  • Newman, Nina Tshwane University of Technology)
  • Potgieter, Terese (STADIO School of Fashion)
  • Rennie, Tarryn (Nelson Mandela University)
  • Salaam, Safia (Stellenbosch Academy)
  • Smal, Desiree (University of Johannesburg)
  • Strydom, Mariette (University of South Africa)
  • Svendsen, Heidi (STADIO School of Fashion)
  • Tonga, Hyacinthe (Nelson Mandela University)
  • van Zyl, Ria (IIE-Vega)
  • Wright, Leigh (Inscape Education Group)

Senate members

Herman Botes
Tshwane University of Technology

Amanda Breytenbach
University of Johannesburg

Colin Daniels
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Sue Giloi
Inscape Education Group

Mel Hagen
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Thinus Mathee
Vaal University of Technology

Ian Sutherland
Durban University of Technology

Adrienne Viljoen
SABS Design Institute

DEFSA conferences

DEFSA promotes relevant research with the focus on design + education through its biennial conferences, to promote professionalism, accountability and ethics in the education of young designers. Our next conference is a hybrid event. See above for details.

Critical skills endorsement

Professional Members in good standing can receive a certificate of membership, but DEFSA cannot provide confirmation or endorsement of skills whatsoever. DEFSA only confirm membership of DEFSA which is a NPO for Design Education in South Africa (