Beauty (Lie)s In The Eye Of The Beholder



Photography, Film & Multimedia


  • cultural influence, indigenous design, aesthetics, assessment

This paper explores the relationship between Indian aesthetics, ethics and performance art by engaging  in  the  process,  the  cultural  influences  and  application  of  aesthetic  judgments  on performance artists.  A predominantly western aesthetic judgment is applied to artworks created and the application of an alternative as rasa aesthetics in terms of ethics will be discussed.

In the context of philosophy and in the search for beauty the West has always focused on the individual by searching outside oneself through research and analysis whilst, the East searches for what is inside you and becoming part of the universe, the truth is given and does not have to be proved. Thus the aesthetic experience of beauty is defined by a state of mind that has a certain focus on a particular object, which engages and fascinates and everything else is excluded from this consciousness to achieve the desired goal.

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