New Sites of Practice: Educating New Curators of the Contemporary



Design Education Strategy


  • multi-disciplinary education, handicrafts


This paper explores curation as a developing field within the creative industries and explores the theory, methodology of such new sites of practice outside the traditional gallery and museum context. It evaluates a new role for curating in terms of economic and cultural growth.

Seven years ago Kingston University and the Design Museum London launched a Masters programme in response to a clear need for professionals who could curate and communicate design within the new landscape of the changing museum and design sectors.

The paper will present new approaches to curating the contemporary via a series of key case studies including the UK Design and Crafts Councils that reflect such changes. The role of curating in the 21st century is at the centre of much debate and interest within the creative industries. Curating is now perceived as a practice activity that can work across the creative industries to enhance design practice and the cultural sector in ways relevant and important for all design cultures. Curating the Contemporary can identify and develop important new networks of interdisciplinary practice and which cuts across education and employers.

Contemporary design now demonstrates the fundamental importance of the interdisciplinary team bringing together practitioners and processes traditionally thought of as separate categories and activities. The paper will reflect on the potential of teaching curating and present the author’s latest project - Africa UK Curating Indaba

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