Positioning the Bachelor of Technology: Interior Design within the HEQF



Interior & Furniture Design

This paper explores the impact of the draft Higher Education Qualification Framework (2004) on the current offering of the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech). The draft HEQF does not include the qualification structure offered by previous technikon-type institutions. Articulation from Diploma into a fourth year (B. Tech) and thereafter postgraduate studies is not evident in the articulation possibilities of the draft HEQF.

In this paper, focus is placed on the offering of the programme: B.Tech Interior Design as offered by the Department of Interior Design, who forms part of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA) at the University of Johannesburg.

The programmes currently offered at FADA can be described as previous technikon-type qualifications that are offered within a newly merged comprehensive institution context. The paper will therefore reflect the original intention and motivation for the introduction of the Bachelors of Technology degree qualification within technikons as presented by the Committee of Technikon Principals (CTP), and relate the CTP vision to the current perceptions and future expectations of the B.Tech degree.

FADA has to face a number of challenges in order to identify a future strategic direction for their programme offerings. This paper attempts to assist in identifying the future strategic direction by comparing the current programme offering context and structures to the proposed HEQF expectations. A description of the internal and external educational environment therefore plays an important role in identifying the strategic direction of programme offering in the faculty, and would be briefly discussed.

The paper will be concluded by presenting a programme offering model for FADA , that takes the current B Tech programme curriculum qualities, FADA academic staff expectations and HEQF requirements in consideration.

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