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Dr Rejoice Jealous Tobias-Mamina has a PhD in Business Sciences (Marketing Management) from University of the Witwatersrand. She is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Marketing Management at the University of Pretoria. She was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Life and Consumer Sciences at the University of South Africa (UNISA). She has a keen interest in consumer behaviour research. She has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed, international and local accredited journals. She has presented in local and international conferences.

Social media facilitates custom-made apparel design decisions: The future for business smart fashion designers



Fashion, Jewellery & Textile Design

Fashion design entrepreneurs (FDEs) are compelled to embrace digitalisation to create a competitive advantage and provide the Web 2.0 (participative and social web) smart customer with the service they require. The purpose of this research was to determine how social media facilitates custom-made apparel design decisions in the FDE context. This study sets out to apply the third-generation activity theory to show the role social media plays in the activity system's result between a customer and FDE during the design process. Qualitative data from three independent exploratory studies conducted in Gauteng, South Africa, were used.

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